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This is me (Laura), my husband and 3 boys. My husband works full time as a school teacher and I stay home with my boys. My little cookie decorating hobby started in March 2018 after seeing some amazing cookies done by a friend online. Soon I had watched hours and hours of YouTube tutorials until I gave it a try myself. While honing the craft, making just for friends and family, I began to recieve interest from strangers... some even asking to order! I officially registered my ABN, got my home kitchen registered with council, and took a chance on starting this little business.

I have been blown away by the response, and am SO grateful to all of you! 

Since then, I’ve made thousands of cookies and am LOVING the creative outlet it brings. It has been a pleasure to be a part of so many celebrations, and meet so many new people through 16th Street Cookies.


As of right now, we are still a small, home-based business, so there are limited availabilities. And it should be noted that although care is taken to maintain a clean, sanitary kitchen, it does service a family of 5 and ALL food allergens, and therefore I cannot guarantee allergy friendly orders.  


Thanks for visiting,

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